10 Apr

Pilot implementation underway in the UK, Italy, France and Cyprus

Having as main target achieving zero and positive energy settlements in Europe using advanced energy technology,the ZERO-PLUS project has developed and implemented a comprehensive and cost effective system composed of innovative solutions for the building envelope, for building energy generation and for energy management at the settlement level.

The ZERO-PLUS pilot settlements are located in 4 different countries (UK, Italy, France and Cyprus) with different climatic characteristics and consist of different types of buildings, ranging from villas to apartment buildings for social housing, thus demonstrating zeroζthe adaptability and wide applicability of the ZERO-PLUS concept. All four settlements are currently in an advanced implementation phase and have significant results to present.

The major improvements in energy performance of the ZERO-PLUS case studies rely on several state-of-the-art technologies employed at the building and settlement levels, also resulting in significant cost reduction achieved through the careful selection of the technologies increasing the efficiency of the building components that provide energy conservation and energy production in settlements. This reduces initial costs by allowing, for example, less material and space to be used for energy conservation and energy production. Thus, the technologies applied will contribute in increasing the market uptake of these buildings.

More specifically, the technologies considered for use in the ZERO-PLUS case studies include:

Highly efficient insulation, heating and lighting, and automated Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).

Innovative energy production systems.

Solutions for the distribution network, energy storage and micro grid control, and optimum climatic management of the open spaces in the settlement.

The technologies considered for use in the ZERO-PLUS case studies include ANERDGY WindRail C30 and MRE C05, ARCA High Concentrating Photovoltaic (HCPV) FAE HCPV system (developed by Idea srl), Freescoo HVAC (developed by the startup Solarinvent), LFR technology (developed by Idea srl), photovoltaic Solarblocks (developed by the startup

SBSkin), ABB Load Control, ABB REACT, ABB Home Energy Management System, FIBRAN insulation system, HIVE Active Heating & Smart controls.

About ZERO PLUS project:
ZERO-PLUS is a comprehensive, cost-effective system for the design, construction and monitoring of Near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements.  ZERO-PLUS provides the market with an innovative, yet readily implementable combination of services and tools for designing and building NZE residential neighbourhoods that will significantly reduce both their initial and operational costs. Focusing on the settlement level instead of on single buildings, the ZERO-PLUS approach brings together technology suppliers, energy efficiency and renewable energy experts and developers who work together from the earliest stages of the project. The ZERO-PLUS approach consists of three phases, Design, Construction and Occupancy, with each having its own set of activities.

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